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10 Focus Areas of Sustainability

Celebrate Local & Seasonal

Using local and seasonal produce to support British business, reduce haulage costs and the environmental impact of transport.

Serve More Veg & Better Meat

Increasing the proportion of veg-led dishes on your menu to combat environmental damage, and purchasing high welfare meat and dairy products.

Source Fish Responsibly

Serving sustainably caught fish to ensure the future of fish stocks and marine environments.

Support Global Farmers

Sourcing fairly traded produce to ensure farmers in the developing world have access to a trade system based on justice and fairness

Treat People Fairly

Providing equal opportunities, training and clear policies to keep employees happy and productive.

Support the Community

Engaging with the local community, with schools and charities to support the people supporting you.

Feed People Well

Offering balanced menu options, reasonable portions and healthy cooking options to cater for customers’ needed.

Value Natural Resources

Improving energy efficiency to save resources, protect the environment and managing water usage to save money and reduce environmental impact.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Managing what comes in and goes out of your business to reduce wastage and eliminate waste-to-landfill.

Waste No Food

Monitoring, managing and innovating to reduce food waste.

Sustainability Rating

The Food Made Good Sustainability Rating shows customers that you’re passionate about serving great quality food in a way that isn’t costing the earth. The rating is based on a holistic assessment of your business, covering 10 focus-areas that consider your society, sourcing and environmental practices. This in-depth look into your business  allows us to accredit the great things you’re doing and shed light on areas where there might be room for improvement. Assessments are carefully tailored by business type, so the audit will be relevant to your specific operations. The Food Made Good Sustainability Rating is a 3-Star rating.


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