Don’t miss your opportunity to take part in this six-week programme of activity designed to help you set a target for food waste reduction and effectively measure and manage your progress.

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Every choice we make around the food we produce, cook, serve and eat is a vote for the food system that supports it. As a collective, we have the power to create a better system; one that can sustainably support a healthier future for both people and planet.

We all have a role to play in the decisive action it takes to push for positive, lasting change. Together, our community of chefs, producers, restaurateurs, suppliers and discerning diners – are driving the movement towards sustainable foodservice.


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Thousands of chefs in all types of restaurants and food outlets, from the Michelin-starred ones to fish and chip shops, are among those working with The SRA, demonstrating that good food can be produced sustainably no matter the style of venue.


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Whether you’re a foodservice business looking for solutions or a supplier with the right answers, the SRA works as a central hub to help you grow, advise and build meaningful connections.

By becoming a member of the SRA you’re helping to enable sustainable practice at every level of the supply chain; from farm to fork and everything in between.


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The National Restaurant Awards 2019

Apply now for your chance to win the Sustainability Award. Tell us in approximately 250 words about your innovation, the motivation behind it and what you’ve achieved. When it comes to the tough job of shortlisting and selecting a winner, our judges will be looking for entries that can demonstrate impact, influence and integrity.



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The SRA is helping more and more restaurants operate sustainably so that diners have more choice when it comes to spending cash consciously. See which restaurants near you are working to source, cook and serve food in a planet-friendly way.


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