We collaborate on projects that help our members thrive, and spread the word to businesses and diners around the world.

They begin with a question.

How can we make KERB Seven Dials Market be the most sustainable street food destination in London?

How can Inspired Energy support you to save money and reach your Net Zero goals?

How are we inspiring takeaway businesses across the UK to operate more sustainably?

How can we drive big picture sustainability vision by engaging with our restaurant customers across our Central London ownership?

How can we make sustainability more accessible and win hearts and minds to drive change in practice across the drinks industry?

How can Arla Pro support the hospitality industry to tackle food waste?

How can we support our portfolio of businesses in serving dishes that are good for both people and planet?

How can we engage EU citizens to adopt a sustainable and healthy diet that results in reduced carbon and water footprints?

How we can reduce foodservice’s reliance on single use plastic and reduce the environmental impact of water service across the industry?

How can we help bars to reduce food waste and to start thinking more sustainably?

How can the Pastry World Cup (Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie) be assessed on its sustainability, to make steps for future improvement?

How can we ensure sweet gastronomy does good as well as tastes good?

How can we inspire the world’s best restaurants and bars to serve up sustainable excellence?