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With the prospect of the hospitality industry re-opening after a five-month lockdown with margins tighter than ever, and the race to reverse climate change ever more urgent, Arla Pro, the foodservice division of farmer-owned dairy co-operative Arla Foods approached the SRA with a plan. 

The product of this partnership is a practical, accessible and timely guide, War on Waste, to help chefs feed their customers and not their bins, saving them money and significantly reducing their carbon footprint. 


With food waste costing hospitality £3.2bn a year, 1.1m tonnes ending up in the bin, 70% of which is avoidable, the guide gives chefs working in any type of commercial kitchen tips, tricks and a five-point plan to save money and carbon and some great creative ideas. 


Download the guide now and together we can win the War on Waste. 

War on Waste