How can we upskill bartenders globally in sustainability?
The Sustainable Restaurant Association is supporting Pernod Ricard to deliver its 2030
Sustainability & Responsibility roadmap; ‘Good Times from a Good Place’.

Pernod Ricard Global and the SRA team up to create Bar World of Tomorrow

The bar industry has its own unique sustainability challenges. These include a reliance on single-use, over-use of imported, and often wasted citrus and a dependency on resource intense ice, not to mention the prevalent practices impacting on people, such as irregular and late night shift work.

Working with Pernod Ricard whose portfolio includes brands such as Absolut vodka, Martell cognac, Beefeater gin and Jameson Irish whiskey, we co-authored and launched the Bar World of Tomorrow to influence the behaviour of the hospitality community around the
world. This initiative forms part of Pernod Ricard’s 2030 Sustainability and Responsibility roadmap, Good Times for a Good Place, which addresses all aspects of its business from grain to glass and directly supports the United Nations Development Goals.

Vanessa Wright, Chief Sustainability Officer at Pernod Ricard sums it up perfectly:

“Bartenders, and the hospitality industry more broadly, have always been very important partners, as well as drivers of innovation – perfectly placed at the forefront of our changing world, embedding sustainable and responsible practices and enabling others to do the same. In preparing for the future, this online training module is another milestone of our joint journey towards the bar world of tomorrow.”

Among its 30 commitments, Pernod Ricard aims to train 10,000 bartenders on responsible and sustainable bar practices by 2030. Already, as of May 2022, Pernod Ricard had successfully enabled 1,600 bartenders to complete the Bar World of Tomorrow e-learn.

Written in conjunction with the anti-waste bartending experts, Trash Collective, the e-learn is available via EdApp’s EducateAll initiative, in collaboration with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research). With free access to all, the modules cover a range of topics under the general headings of:


  • Ingredients
  • Bar
  • Service
  • Staff
  • Implementation
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