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Our campaigns provide a platform to tackle a particular issue in the food industry, from supporting global farmers to cutting food waste. We make it easy for our members to come together, work towards a shared goal, and better communicate their successes with their customers. For diners, this is a great way to keep up-to-date on the big sustainability issues in the food industry.


One Planet Plate is a restaurant movement that puts sustainability on the menu. Chefs worldwide demonstrate how food can help us live better on planet earth. Faced with a full menu of dishes to choose from, it can be hard to use the power of your appetite wisely. A One Planet Plate is a delicious vote for the future you want to see. 
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Vote with your fork. Head to a participating restaurant to try their hero dish first hand. Snap and share it on social media using #oneplanetplate.

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Got a #OnePlanetPlate to share? If you’re a chef and you have a One Planet Plate in mind, or a dish on your menu that would match the criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

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Plastic plays a crucial role in the day to day operation of most food service businesses. Right now the sector is facing an unprecedented level of awareness and pressure over its environmental impact. Call it the Attenborough Effect, or just a long time coming, but the tide is turning and the public is demanding change when it comes to single-use plastic. Tackling plastic use in your business can be a confusing and frustrating task. With so many types of plastic to cope with, and an ever-increasing number of confusing ‘environmentally friendly’ alternatives coming to market, knowing how and where to start, and what answers are the best answers, is easier said than done. 

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The Western meat-heavy diet has been linked to negative impacts on public health- including many types of cancer- as well as having detrimental effects on the environment. Livestock production contributes substantially to climate change, and it’s a huge drain on water and land. It’s no surprise that there’s increasing interest in eating less and better meat!

A growing number of diners are looking to flex their diets. In response, we are calling on restaurants to create delicious dishes which make plant protein and vegetables the ‘star’ of the show. Download one of the toolkits by clicking the button below:

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It’s no secret that British children are eating less and less veg. For most, ‘5 a day’ is now a far-fetched goal and as many as 1 in 7 4-11 year olds aren’t even getting a single portion of vegetables each day. And when you look at what they are actually eating, a fifth of their veg comes from pizza or baked beans. 

Eating more veg is vital for children’s health. Not only is it essential for a healthy diet, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers, learning to love veg as a child helps establish good eating habits for life.  

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