The SRA likes nothing more than working with partners large and small to put ideas into action, creating a better future for all.
The technology, tools and knowhow behind the world’s most established and successful membership programme for delivering positive change across the foodservice sector is now available to any country, city or state that wants to replicate the model and help create a worldwide network committed to creating a better food system.

The need for a common, accessible framework and organised network has never been greater as it becomes increasingly apparent that the way we produce, consume and dispose of food is at the heart of many of the sustainability challenges we face, including:

– Plastic pollution

– Food waste

– Climate change

– Deforestation

– Biodiversity.

Food Made Good takes a proven model that puts chefs at the heart of the challenge, providing them with a way to engage with the issues and collaborate for solutions. Food Made Good Global offers an opportunity to any organisation or entrepreneur, wherever they are in the world, that wants to incentivize action within their territory and join a network of worldwide partners to create a better global food system.

Four territories are already on a pathway towards establishing a thriving sustainable food movement based on practical, business-focused principles in:

– Japan

Hong Kong

– Greece

– Benelux.


If you’d like to establish the Food Made Good programme wherever you are in the world please get in touch.
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