The Stickleback Fish Company


At Stickleback, we are serious about our shared responsibility to protect the natural environment and seafood stocks for future generations. We are proud to have joined an exclusive club of fish suppliers holding the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody Standard (MSC-C-53997). This ensures the traceability of certified sustainable seafood through every stage of processing, from fishery to final consumer. As a member of the SRA, we also review and challenge our internal processes and those of our suppliers to reduce the impact of business on the environment.

In line with market trends we are reviewing our involvement with single-use plastics. We aim to reduce this.

sustainability goals 2018

1. Reduce electricity usage within the business. Plans are in the process of being implemented
2. Reduce the use of single use plastic. The project is nearing completion

Contact Number 01707 257 462