How are we inspiring takeaway businesses across the UK to operate more sustainably?

Just Eat and the SRA have been working together since 2017 to drive sustainable behaviour across the sector, encouraging takeaways to make the small changes that can help them make a big difference to the environment.

The partnership has adopted a multi-faceted approach, designed to inspire Just Eat’s 35,700+ restaurant partners to be more eco-friendly. Through a series of interviews with restaurant partners, the SRA has been able to unpick the inspiring sustainability initiatives already underway across the Just Eat network. These include plastic reduction, efforts to add more veg options to menus, and food waste prevention, enabling Just Eat to share a series of compelling case studies with all its partners to highlighting examples of sustainability success. 

Just Eat has also sponsored the Good to Go category at the Food Made Good Awards for three years running, to recognise, celebrate and champion the takeaways across the country who are going above and beyond to make their businesses as sustainable as possible.

Motivating a network of tens of thousands of restaurant partners to engage more closely with sustainability requires planning and skill. Just Eat was keen to reach as many of their partners as possible and successfully guide positive behavioural change.To achieve this, they enlisted the support of the SRA.

The project’s initial phase involved engaging a select number of restaurant partners through in-depth interviews. These provided crucial insights into each business’ experience of implementing sustainability and the challenges and opportunities faced by the takeaway sector.

The SRA’s 10 key area framework was used as a foundation for the conversations, in order to identify areas of best practice. Case studies highlighting the takeaways who were successfully putting sustainability at the heart of their businesses were then shared across Just Eat’s network….

From ways of reducing single-use packaging, reusable pizza boxes and seaweed sachets to supporting local communities, sourcing sustainably, and reducing food waste through food donations, these personal stories have enabled Just Eat partners to discover a wide range of inspiring and scalable ideas and initiatives.

The SRA also worked with Just Eat to pull together a series of sustainability resources for takeaways, including top tips to become more eco-friendly and highlighting why going green not only helps to save the planet, but can drive customer loyalty and make a positive difference to a business’ bottom line.

As part of their long term partnership, Just Eat supports the SRA’s Food Made Good awards, and has sponsored the Good to Go category for three years now. The award celebrates the array of takeaways in the industry who work hard every single day to make sustainability an integral part of their business, promote best practice and ensure they do what they can to help the planet.

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