Flor de Caña

How can we help bars to reduce food waste and to start thinking more sustainably? 

About Flor de Caña

The family-owned Nicaraguan drinks brand Flor de Caña is the sponsor of the Sustainable Restaurant Award, as assessed by the SRA, at The World’s 50 Best. The 130-year-old business, which is the world’s only spirit to be both Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified, wanted to build on this relationship and extend its influence further. Together we’ve created the Zero Waste Month campaign. It’s not only the latest demonstration of Flor de Caña’s longstanding commitment to taking care of the environment but also to supporting its customers to play their part in tackling climate change and reducing food waste in their own communities.

To take part, bars must create a cocktail made with Flor de Caña rum, ingredients that would otherwise be wasted and create no waste in the process, then submit the recipe, a photo, volume of food rescued per serving and full details to Flor de Caña. Flor de Caña will then use its marketing might to promote the zero waste cocktails in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe in July 2021 and in Asia Pacific and the Latin America region in August. Globally, the target is to save nine tonnes of food waste across more than 500 bars in 30 countries. The goal for the campaign is to encourage and support pubs and bars to think more about the drinks and products they source and serve, to see that even through small, simple actions they can contribute to a greener future. We are looking to consumers to enjoy a wonderful zero waste rum cocktail that will start them thinking about sustainability and inspire them to take small steps towards building a better world.  


To help bars take the next step towards sustainability, all participating venues will also have exclusive access to a Sustainability 101 training session from the expert team at the SRA designed specifically for mixologists and bar staff. Flor de Caña brand ambassadors, who’ll also receive the bespoke training, will be on hand to support the bars as they create and promote their Zero Waste cocktails. Bars looking for creative ideas to tackle climate change and can look to Flor de Caña for inspiration. The brand, which dates back to 1890, has been historically committed to sustainable practices. For example, it distills its rums using 100% renewable energy generated by using the sugarcane residue, bagasse, as biomass. The brand also captures and recycles all CO2 emissions during the fermentation process and plants 50,000 trees every year since 2005. 


The Carbon Neutral certification, issued by Carbon Trust, assures consumers that Flor de Caña offsets all carbon emissions during the entire lifecycle of the rum, from field to market. Meanwhile, the Fair Trade certification, issued by Fair Trade USA, verifies that the rum is sustainably produced in compliance with over 300 rigorous labor, social and environmental standards. 


We’ll update on progress later in 2021 with success stories from bars around the world.