From a modest start in 2010, with 50 founder members, when two restaurateurs and a pair of sustainability experts launched the organisation, we now work across 8,000 member sites and cover the smorgasbord of foodservice from high end to high street, from street-food staples to workplace canteens and Michelin-starred restaurants.

What we do

Our vision is to be the intersection of the foodservice industry and the sustainable food movement. We want to make sustainability part of the DNA of every foodservice business, while inviting consumers to join in and celebrate what makes food good.

We do this through:

● Providing a robust framework for what makes a restaurant ‘good’
● Using our industry standard Sustainability Rating to assess sustainability across the sector, benchmark success, and construct clear action plans for tangible change.
● Clearly promoting best practice and inspiring healthy competition
● Offering bespoke consultancy, training and support for foodservice staff
● Developing a meaningful database of sustainability in the foodservice industry

Everyone has a role to play. Whether you’re a food service business seeking to overcome challenges, a supplier who can provide the solutions, or a diner seeking to make better choices when eating out, we can connect you with our network of progressive thinkers.

The community

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a community of change-makers; a not-for-profit membership organisation of foodservice businesses, suppliers and discerning diners working together to create a sustainable foodservice industry for people and planet. We firmly believe that by working as a collective we can improve the food on our plate which in turn will have a positive, measurable impact on the wider food system.

Who we are
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As a collective, we have the power to create a better system; one that can sustainably support a healthier future for both people and planet. By becoming a member of the SRA you’re joining a community of like-minded change-makers who are spearheading the movement.

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