Job Type Part-time
Hours 2.5 days a week, option to extend to full time 
Salary £28,000 pro-rata
To Begin asap
Line Manager Managing Director
Base Remote (working from home)



We exist to accelerate change towards an environmentally restorative and socially progressive hospitality sector

The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a membership organisation working across the hospitality sector to drive progressive change. We believe that a great meal is about more than just good food; and a good restaurant is more than a great meal.

We are at a crossroads as an industry and as a planet. We can choose to build resilience: to source local and sustainably, reduce our waste and truly serve the needs of our community. It’s what our diners want and it’s what we all need. The roadmap ahead is an opportunity to build back better.

Like any great restaurant, we believe that together we are far greater than the sum of our parts. Together we can accelerate change towards an environmentally restorative and socially progressive industry.

We are a small, passionate team that punches above our weight. We work with around 400 members that expands out to about 11,000+ commercial kitchens across the UK.

We are looking for a Junior Climate Analyst to join our team to help us support the sector in becoming Net Zero and achieving climate positive targets. This role is initially part time as the sector is slowly coming back to life, but with the intention to make the role full time when possible.


The Junior Climate Analyst is responsible for supporting, and occasionally managing the delivery of climate related projects at the SRA.  You will use tools to calculate the emissions (or occasionally other metrics, such as biodiversity or water) impact of aspects of restaurant operations and or purchasing, and work with restaurants to deliver clear, meaningful and ambitious recommendations for achieving climate related targets.


You will be responsible for delivering the Net Zero Restaurant Protocol for the SRA. The Net Zero Restaurant Protocol defines what Net Zero means for the hospitality sector, provides guidance on how to get there and a standard against which restaurants that want to claim net zero can be certified. You will follow the methodology of the Net Zero Restaurant Protocol to support restaurants in their data collection, carbon calculations and in delivering recommendations for action through generating a report.


You will work with a project manager and occasionally manage projects yourself to ensure that each is defined, forecasted and resourced appropriately. You will set project plans and actively work with stakeholders to make projects ambitious in their scope and scale. You will identify milestones and targets for projects and insure that objectives are met, and that projects are delivered within agreed deadlines and budgets. You will manage client feedback to ensure high levels of client satisfaction, and manage project wrap up and reporting to ensure a high level of renewed partnerships. Additionally, you will work to ensure wherever possible that we are able to scale impact by sharing insights with members and the wider industry.


  • You are passionate and knowledgeable about climate change, sustainability and the effect the food system is having on the environment
  • You are fluent in data entry and have experience using tools to calculate emissions
  • You are a problem solver, able to interpret and analyse data to make practical recommendations
  • You are able to influence others, inspire confidence in your recommendations and engage directly with multiple stakeholders
  • You are a stickler for details and ensure high levels of accuracy across all work
  • You are organised, efficient and process driven, even when working independently
  • You have the ability to be flexible and work to deadlines

Core responsibilities include:

  • Using tools such as the Net Zero Restaurant Protocol or the Cool Food Pledge calculators to calculate emissions, or occasionally water or biodiversity impacts of restaurant purchasing or operations
  • Managing Data for climate related projects at the SRA
  • Defining project approach, scope and tools to maximise chances of success
  • Setting project plans with agreed milestones and budgets to be agreed by project manager, and signed off by client
  • Effectively deliver Net Zero reporting and recommendations
  • Build and manage strong relationships with clients
  • Ensure that client and SRA objectives are discussed, overt, reported on and met and that projects are delivered within agreed deadlines and budgets
  • Identifying and supporting client to communicate on insights within their organisation, SRA members, and the wider industry
  • Manage client satisfaction, identifying any issues early and raising with MD where appropriate
  • Collect customer feedback on every project and share learnings with the team
  • Support in all project wrap up and reporting for your projects


  • Effective data analysis and recommendations
  • Impact and insights shared
  • Client satisfaction/ feedback scores

Experience and skills required:

  • Bachelor’s degree (ideally in relevant field: environment or energy-related)
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Data analysis
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Confidence in presenting to stakeholders
  • Passion for combating climate change

Sound like you?

Please apply below or email jobs@thesra.org with a CV and covering letter