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Down by the river there’s a sustainable seafood solution at the end of the rainbow

By Martina Jensen, SRA Development Lead Down in South Hampshire where the world famous spring-fed chalk streams with ‘gin clear’ water, you’ll find some of the UK’s happiest and healthiest trout. To mark the climax of our ‘Source Fish Responsibly’ campaign we took 30 members to the river –... read more

Be a local hero and cultivate stronger links with community growing groups

By Ken Elkes, Growing Together When you think of the links between sustainable restaurants and local community growing groups, such as city farms and community gardens, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it how both have a firm commitment to making a positive impact on the... read more

Sweet smell of sustainable success at Friends House

By Paul Grey, CEO of Friends House (London) Hospitality Ltd Friends House (London) Hospitality Ltd just celebrated its 10th anniversary! For the last decade, we have built the success of our company and its operations – event venue, café, restaurant and guest accommodation in London (opposite Euston Station) and... read more

Seventh heaven for super-sustainable Septime

Ok, cards on the table, hand on heart. When Christian Puglisi of Relae collected the Sustainable Restaurant Award at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in New York last year, for the second time, the overwhelming sense at SRA HQ was that it would take a restaurant of extraordinary passion,... read more

Friends House helps men’s charity to have cake and eat it

  By Jamie Scott, Catering Manager, Friends House Two years ago, Friends House started working with the Douglas House Project (DHP) helping them to launch their social enterprise catering project, a bakery. Being a Quaker organisation, the staff at Friends House devised a set of commitments, one of these... read more

Have your say on GM food

By Pat Thomas, Founder/Director of Beyond GM.                                                                       We are seeking the views of chefs and the general public on GMOs in the restaurant food chain – and here is why. For many chefs and others in the foodservice industry, quality of ingredients – where they come from and the... read more


Jamie Oliver and his farmer pal Jimmy Doherty conducted a fowl experiment last week – on their TV show Friday Night Feast. They took over a Southend chicken shop and served the regulars their favourite fried chicken but with a twist – it was free-range. The response was super-positive... read more

Get ready to join the conversation in the Food Made Good community

Next Wednesday 1 February the new Food Made Good online community goes live. Our aim is to make this the go to place for anyone who shares our goal of making sustainability a part of the DNA of every restaurant and foodservice business. We need to work together if... read more