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Want to work with us? Or be a partner? Get in touch and tell us where your sustainability passions lie.

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Andrew Stephen

Tel: 020 3903 2762

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Development Director

Juliane Caillouette Noble

Tel: 020 3903 2777

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Head of Membership

Ylva Johannesson

Tel: 020 3903 2772

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Head of Marketing

Jade Brennan

Tel: 020 3903 2767

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PR Manager

Tom Tanner

Tel: 020 3903 2773

What other dish can you think of that smells and tastes of where it comes from, acts as its own cutlery and have a minimal impact on the environment? Nothing rivals mussels and Cafe St Honore's classic recipe with garlic, shallots, cream and tarragon is hard to beat. Yum!

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Finance Manager

Agatha Ioannou

Tel: 020 3903 2761

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Sustainability Consultant

Aisling Hayes

Tel: 020 3903 2766

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Sustainability Consultant

Isabel Terry

Tel: 020 3903 2777

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Digital Project Manager

Nell Armitage

Tel: 020 3903 2763

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Community Manager

Pete Hemingway

Tel: 020 3903 2771

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Community Manager

Hannah Dean-Wood

Tel: 020 3903 2770

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Marketing Assistant

Francesca Glass

Tel: 020 3903 2768

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Member Sales Executive

Katy Ellwood

Tel: 020 3903 2765

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Events Manager

Emily Shankar

Tel: 020 3903 2775

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Eleanor McNeill

Tel: 020 3903 2769

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Membership Intern

Rosie Rayner-Law

Tel: 020 3903 2774