Winnow's patent-pending Waste Monitor technology helps kitchens reduce food waste and improve margins, quickly and intelligently. Its combination of monitoring hardware and software gives you "x-ray specs" for your food waste bin. This raises awareness and arms staff with the data to implement real, focused changes that drive substantial improvements in food margins while reducing food waste.

Avoidable food waste can represent more than 10% of a kitchen's food costs. Sites using Winnow technology typically reduce their food waste 25-75% by value within a few months, providing an excellent return on investment for hotels, contract caterers, school cafeterias, and medium to large restaurants and pubs. When you add the reductions in energy, labour, and disposal costs related to food you're no longer wasting, the impact is even more compelling. In addition, some Winnow clients are gathering data on customer plate waste per dish, to improve menu design and increase customer satisfaction.

The equipment is quick enough for a busy restaurant, and easy for all staff to understand and use. It requires less than 15 minutes of total staff time per day in typical sites, and is much more fun and effective than the time-consuming manual waste tracking processes many kitchens use today. It can be easily fitted to your existing food waste bin in most locations, requiring little to no additional space in kitchen.

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