Squeaky Energy


Squeaky is a new kind of energy supplier, that enables businesses (like shops, restaurants and farms) to buy 100% clean energy from UK-based solar, wind and hydro generators, at no extra cost. Some suppliers may say that their energy is “renewable” or “green”, however when you read the fine print you will find that they also include dirty energy from burning biomass. By buying directly from clean generators, Squeaky can guarantee that all of their customers business energy is 100% Squeaky clean. What’s more, when businesses join the Squeaky community, they don’t just connect with a regional generator in a purely transactional way, they also connect with the local social initiatives they support. Founder Chris Bowden has worked in the energy industry for 30 years and during that time witnessed countless businesses stung by fluctuating rates and terrible service. So he set up Squeaky to help fix the broken energy industry by making clean energy affordable for all businesses and by providing them with amazing personal service. By working together with growing businesses, Squeaky aims to help accelerate the UK’s transition to 100% clean energy.

sustainability goals 2018

Our focus in 2018 is to continue to improve how we do business and the positive social and environmental impact we have. This year we became a certified B Corp as a commitment to our ‘squeaky clean’ values, which is about fairness, transparency and doing business with decency.

Contact Number 0345 504 6309