Hildon Water


"Hildon Limited aspires to be a top environmentally friendly Natural Mineral Water Company. With integrity and transparency at the heart of its business Hildon Limited would like to be known as a company with a sound environmental strategy supported by vision and actual achievements.
Our immediate physical catchment area, which our source lies beneath, is protected from chemicals and has a lovely combination of trees and grassland offering a natural safe haven for wildlife. Our local Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, of which we are Corporate Members, work with us to encourage other wildlife to the area. Further enhancement and protection of our physical environment has come from the removal of diesel storage and the reduction of light pollution.
Ensuring we match this high standard whilst manufacturing has not been easy but for many years we have challenged our processes and procedures, reduced, reused or recycled over 90% of waste streams, added AdBlue to reduce the harmful emissions from our diesel lorries and educated our staff in best environmental practices. In addition to this we will, in conjunction with the Hildon Foundation, support good, local causes and charities. "

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