Disposables and Catering Supplies


We are proud to share some of the progress we have made in 2018 to help businesses across the UK make sustainable decisions with regards to their disposable packaging and janitorial supplies. Since the launch of the Born in the UK recyclable cup and our very own collection scheme we are pleased to announce that we have collected and recycled over 48 tonnes of paper and plastic waste as well as saved over 642,852 pounds of carbon emissions from entering into our atmosphere.

Working with our dedicated customers we have also prevented over 2 million plastic bottles from entering the environment thanks to them switching over to the Jeyes Vmix concentrate dosage system.

We ended 2018 on high with the launch of our Social Responsibility product guide. The main focus of the guide was placed around educating individuals with regards to what kind of sustainable packaging is available and how to best promote a circular economy through recycling.

In 2019, the growing concern for plastics floating around in our oceans and the negative impact of micro plastics on marine life has motivated us to continue our search for innovative products to help eliminate the need to plastic as a whole.

We are excited to share that on the 5th of June 2019, World Environmental day, we had the privilege of launching a one of a kind, 100% PLA and plastic free, coffee cup. The cup liner is made from a plastic free water based barrier coating solution which makes it compatible with the current UK mixed paper waste stream. No specialist recycling is required. This cup offers an amazing opportunity to eliminate plastic and remove any obstacles when it comes to recycling coffee cups. This is just the beginning, we are also working on expanding this product range, so please feel free to follow us @DCSLtdCo for more exciting news.

For more information about this 100% Plastic free cup please visit : www.dcs.supplies