Cleveland Biotech Limited – Planned Grease Management Solutions

Cleveland Biotech Limited manufactures innovative natural solutions to the growing problem of waste pollution. In particular to problems arising from the production of Fat, Oil and Grease (F.O.G.) by commercial kitchens discharging into our main sewerage system.

Greasebeta – Biological Drain Maintenance - The Natural way to avoid fat related blockages and maintain the condition of kitchen drains.

The Greasebeta fluid is a formulation of 7 harmless, naturally occurring strains of bacteria formulated into a perfumed liquid fat digesting solution. Once introduced to the drain line the product colonises the pipe work providing 24/7 protection against blockages by digesting fats.

Dispensed via a compact battery operated dosing unit the system can be installed in the smallest of kitchens providing automatic daily delivery into the drain lines.

Main Benefits:
• Free Running Drains (controlled costs)
• Avoids expensive drain cleaning
• Eliminates Fat related odours

There are currently approximately 200,000 sewer blockages throughout the UK each year 75% of these are caused by F.O.G. costing millions of pounds.

The special price negotiated by the SRA includes three monthly product replenishment and dose unit servicing by our national network of fully qualified engineers.

Contact Number  029 2067 4098