Bristol Energy


We’re Bristol Energy, one of the first council-owned energy suppliers in the UK. We are a fair, transparent and ethical energy supplier that will reinvest profits back into Bristol communities to tackle issues such as fuel poverty. Every customer that joins us is helping us deliver our promise to be a force for social good. With this comes an absolute dedication to creating a business that is as sustainable as we can be, while remaining true to our social objectives.
Our 100% green electricity tariff is entirely Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) backed. We have relationships with renewable generators across the country generating everything from solar, to wind, hydro and anaerobic digestion. We also have 15% green gas that’s made entirely from Bristol sewage as part of our green tariff.
Our regular tariff currently has 51% renewables in its mix with that only looking to increase in the future.


As we grow, we are aiming to broaden our sustainability efforts while helping the council to become carbon neutral through a number of initiatives:
• Bristol Energy will play a key role in helping Bristol City Council to meet its aim to be carbon neutral by 2030 – this will involve using our function as a registered electricity and gas supplier to ensure that renewable generation can be matched with local demand as well as developing new and innovative products to encourage the uptake of Electric Vehicles and managing a district heat network.
• We will play an active role in providing services for the operational supply of heat generated from the Council’s new renewable heat network plan.
• We have been increasing the percentage of renewables in our fuel mix since the company began three years ago and we plan for our entire energy portfolio to be 75% renewable by 2019.
• We intend to increase the number of PPAs with renewable generators over the coming months and years, and have been working with generators to develop new products that can meet the market’s changing needs.
• We are looking to help the city facilitate the use of battery storage in order to better balance the grid with renewable energy locally.
• We are now supplying the Council’s gas portfolio with local green gas made from Bristol sewage (10%).