Borough Wines


Borough Wines Imports the wholesale arm of award-winning independent retailer - and the Drinks Business Green Retailer of the Year 2016 and 2017 - Borough Wines & Beers. We specialise in wine on tap - installing draught systems and supplying high quality wine in kegs to restaurants, bars and event venues. Borough Wines Imports supplies wine in both recyclable kegs and in reusable kegs - which are collected when empty and returned, then refilled. Serving wine from kegs in this way significantly cuts down on packaging and transport requirements, not to mention product wastage. Our range of keg wines come from innovative producers and established estates across the wine–making world and includes a number of organic and vegan options. Served on tap, this keg wine stays perfectly fresh and flavourful, delivering a consistent, high quality serve – from the first, to the final glass (and all 190 glasses in between). This is new–wave wine on tap, using state of the art technology to deliver brilliant wine by the glass, in a way that is greener, cleaner and better for business than bottled wine.