Belazu Ingredient Company


Adam Wells and George Bennell met age 11 when they sat next to each other on the first day of secondary school. 35 years later the two friends still spend their days together with Sales Director Charlie Hodges as founders of the Fresh Olive Company.

We’ve grown from servicing the very best restaurants and delis with olives, to offering a broad basket of Mediterranean ingredients to virtually every segment of the food industry. A sophisticated manufacturing operation is supported by close 20 year old partnerships with a number of artisanal producers, to continuously develop and innovate our ingredient offering. As a BRC A+ organisation and Silver-accredited Investor in People we believe the best way to ensure the continuous delivery of the finest quality ingredients is to produce to the highest technical standards, to value our workforce and to commit to sustainability throughout our supply chain.

As a zero landfill company we live and breathe recycling, segregating our entire refuse output into waste streams and have established our charity, the Belazu Foundation, to invest in the work of local and Moroccan schools to give something back to the communities that have supported us as a business over the years. It’s therefore a no-brainer for us to support the work and objectives of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Sustainability goals 2018

The next year our goals is to improve our three sustainability pillars; People, product, planet. Increasing our employee volunteering hours with 10%, reduce our waste with a further 10%, make sure 100% of our suppliers sign our code of conduct, etc.

Contact Number 020 8838 1912