Food Made Good is the membership community driven by the SRA, bringing foodservice businesses and change makers together around key issues of sustainability.

We have been proud members of Food Made Good since 2014, and believe its work in the industry has been vitally important. The SRA team has not only helped us to achieve a 3 Star rating, but provides continual support to advance our environmental and social responsibility on nearly a daily basis. The SRA is a mine of information, best practice and support. We would recommend that any business in the food service industry to engage with this organisation in building a more sustainable future

Anthony Kingsley

Lead Sustainability & CSR, Vacherin


Joining the SRA’s Food Made Good programme isn’t just about obtaining a measure of your food business’ sustainability, it’s about pin-pointing where and how your organisation can be more successful. Food Made Good has already empowered thousands of businesses to start talking about their food and sustainability achievements. Joining couldn’t be simpler, sign up immediately or leave your information below.