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Whether your challenge is identifying where you can reduce your utilities consumption, design waste logistics, or carry out something as specific as the Government’s mandatory ESOS assessments, the SRA has a wealth of experience working with small and large food service and hospitality businesses. Our knowledge across the industry can help you to tackle specific obstacles that currently stand in the way of you operating your business sustainably.

Waste Audits

Foodservice businesses unavoidably produce a huge amount of waste, whether it’s potato peelings, paper cups or plastic packaging, we audit waste production and disposal to minimise what you send to landfill, and maximise what you recycle.

Energy Audits

Energy usage concerns every aspect of your business, from the oven to the coffee machine, the lights above your head and the computer in the office. We assess where energy is being wasted and identify areas where you could reduce your usage when you can’t do without. It could be something as simple as installing energy saving light bulbs.

Water Management

Minimising water usage reduces the environmental impact of your business whilst saving money by decreasing operating costs. We carefully monitor water usage to identify areas where excess water is being used, and provide pragmatic advice on how to address any issues. It may be as simple as putting a line in the sink.

ESOS Assessments

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) will help large businesses identify where they can make energy savings. This includes food service businesses and SRA members may be required to take part. ESOS assessment is compulsory and must be carried out by 5th December 2015. We offer consultation and the assessments necessary for the ESOS, providing a complete evidence pack and compliance report.

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The SRA’s track record of managing and delivering multi-stakeholder programmes and projects is second to none. Our team is small, agile, highly experienced and embedded enough in the food service and hospitality sectors to engage key actors required to deliver positive change and behaviours. Take a look at the FoodSave and The School Food Plan case studies below.


The FoodSave programme is helping food businesses in London reduce their food wastage and ensure that unavoidable food waste is disposed of properly. We carry out a detailed assessment of the business and provide pragmatic guidance on how reduce the amount of food waste being produced. Annually our FoodSave participants are saving an average of 5800 Not bad!

To find out more, visit the FoodSave website here.

School Food Plan

Co-founded by Henry Dimbleby (Co-founder of the SRA and LEON restaurant group), the School Food Plan works to increase the quality of school food and the number of children eating school meals. With support from the Secretary of State for Education the School Food Plan is lobbying head teachers across the country to make their dining halls somewhere attractive to eat, and more importantly provide good quality food that children want to eat too.

Learn more about the School Food Plan here.

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