The Providores A more formal affair than the Tapa Room, The Providores offers delicious, finely executed dishes in a relaxed yet stylish environment. For dinner Monday to Saturday we have a tasting menu in which all our savoury dishes are starter-sized. You choose however many courses you wish. This enables you to experience a variety of our dishes, and you can match each course with a different wine if you want to. Much more fun than the starter/main course format! Tapa Room A fusion of wine bar, tapas and breakfast bar, the ground floor Tapa Room offers a diverse menu available throughout the day. Tapa, not tapas? Yes. The Tapa Room takes its name from the huge, traditional Rarotongan Tapa cloth that hangs on the wall. Tapa cloth can be found throughout the Pacific and is used either as a decorative piece, as a ceremonial floor covering at feasts, or sometimes as fabric for clothing. Yes, we do serve small dishes of food, much like Spanish tapas, but it is the cloth that we honour with the name.

Business Type Restaurant