The best comfort food whether it’s served in our new restaurant or out of the box while perched on the beach, walking down the prom or sat at home in front of the fire. With friends, on a special occasion, just because it’s fish & chip Friday, or as a family day out we hope Fraser’s Fish & Chips hits the spot.

It’s not just amazing fish & chips, but the favourites are on our menu too, local sausages, vegetarian specials, fish cakes and calamari to name a few. Having it your way is important to us... so you choose, battered or grilled, with chips or salad or a bit of both.

Fraser’s are proud to introduce permanently available gluten free fish & chips. We have made the significant investment into our kitchen to ensure we can genuinely say our fish & chips are gluten free. Gluten free batter is available, but just as importantly we have a separate cooking process to ensure there is no gluten contamination. We are so pleased to be able to offer the nation’s favourite dish in true gluten free form to Fraser’s Penzance.

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