The business priorities of Field & Fork are the education of its staff, both front and back of house, broadening their knowledge of business and the importance and benefits of sourcing and buying locally and selectively; creating menus using ingredients that educate customers and utilise all elements in the food market. The importance of education in the utilisation of lesser quality items to ensure whole carcass use, selective fish purchase, ensuring sustainability and the continued support of local vegetable suppliers who have supported us for the past ten years with the provision of local and selectively sourced products from around the world.

Of course, this throws up challenges and being a local restaurant in a small town, the consistency of custom is always going to be a factor to consider in regards to wastage and sales so again the education of staff is paramount in how to manage this both in face-to-face interaction with the customer and also the utilisation on the various menus we offer to ensure as little wastage as possible whilst still offering a varied and interesting selection of dishes.

I think what is unique to our restaurant in our area is that the menus are dictated by the suppliers. They call us when they have caught, shot or grown something; we then create our menus around that. This ensures the celebration of local, responsible sourcing, reduction in waste, support of the community and use of seasonally available produce.

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Celebrate Local Seasonal
Celebrate Local Seasonal
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