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The Spanish word TAPA means a small portion of every kind of food and is the gastronomic concept of our restaurant. Eating tapas is the most informal and enjoyable Spanish way to taste food, to try new dishes and, most of all, to share flavours and emotions while sitting around a table.

El Romero is a sustainable restaurant - that is to say that the vast majority of our food and ingredients is sourced from Menorca. We buy directly from local farms, producers and fishermen, whenever it's possible, because of the close relationship and trust that it creates.

Our ingredients are always evolving to reflect what is at its best and of the moment. We stand for organic and biodynamic farming, because it is the future.

We order ingredients daily and allow dishes to run out in order to keep fresh food and avoid an excess of produce!

We do not serve fish that is under threat.

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Celebrate Local Seasonal
Celebrate Local Seasonal
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