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Neil Armstrong took one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.

Follow in his footsteps and reach for the stars when it comes to building a more ambitious business.

Begin your sustainability journey safe in the knowledge that your progress means progress for UK hospitality.

Take the first step by going back to basics at our brand new Sustainability 101 Sessions, exclusive to SRA members.

Moonwalk away with a clear picture of how to introduce the 10 key areas of the framework to your business, best practice implementation tools and tips, and a plan for how to prepare for the annual sustainability ratings.

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This is event is for SRA Members only. Learn more about becoming a member of the SRA here.

Sustainability 101 Session Agenda 

Tuesday 26 March 2019 

09.00    Guests arrival: Set up, tea and coffee, welcome, housekeeping, settle in 

09.15    Introductions, agenda run through, aim of the day 

09.25    History of the SRA, our framework, and our members 

09.35    The bigger picture – why sustainability matters  

09.45    Pillar deep dive: Sourcing  

  • Celebrate Local/Seasonal  

  • Source More Veg/Better Meat  

  • Source Fish Responsibly  

  • Support Global Farmers  

11.00     Tea Break (30 mins) 

11.30     Pillar deep dive: Society 

  • Treat Staff Fairly  

  • Support the Community  

  • Feed People Well  

12.00     Pillar deep dive: Environment 

  • Value Natural Resources 

  • Waste No Food  

  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle  

12.40    Summary discussion & next steps  

13.00    Finish  

Date 26th March 2019
Starts 09:00
Ends 13:00
Venue City University
Tickets SRA Member - Single - free

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