Event Description

On Tuesday 25th June we are hosting the third working group of 2019 for group and chain members of the SRA. 

The session is titled The Bigger Picture­­ and we will cover the global threats of climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss. We will drill down to what these headline-issues actually mean for your business at a brand and site level. We will consider each issue in relation to your short, medium and long terms goals.

We will also discuss science based targets and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): what they are, what they aim to achieve and, most importantly, how to align your business with international goals.

To understand how your business approaches these issues, please come prepared to talk broadly about the future of your business, with specifics where appropriate. We will also discuss where your business has actively made decisions or plans on the grounds of climate change, deforestation or biodiversity loss.

Also come prepared with your strategy for 2019/20 (and beyond) and we will explore where your goals relate to the three ‘big issues’ and align with global targets.

These meetings are scheduled quarterly for members with more than 10 sites and present a unique opportunity for you to share insights, challenges and ideas with industry peers in a non-competitive space. It’s not often that you get the time to discuss sustainability with businesses ranging from 10 to 2000 sites and these meetings are invaluable learning opportunities for us all.

Date 25th June 2019
Starts 09:30
Ends 16:30
Venue The Trinity
Tickets SRA Group & Chain Members ONLY - free