Event Description


We’re delighted to invite you to our Food Waste Reduction Roundtable. 

As part of a group of specially selected expert members, we’d love you to help us understand what the future holds for sustainability, and how we can work with our members to best drive positive change.  

This session will ensure that we understand your needs, the sustainability challenges faced in foodservice, and how we can help our members continue to lead the industry. It will take place on 26 February from 9am until 11am.

Here, you’ll be able to meet other members, contribute to a topic-specific discussion, share your experiences of working with the SRA, and work with us to ensure our resources and events are useful tools and future focused. In short, we need your expertise to guide us towards a more sustainable future.  

No one wants to throw food away, but it can be hard to make sure that food waste is minimised at every stage of the process. From managing portions, to encouraging responsible buffet consumption, to being imaginative about new ways to utilise vegetable trimmings – there are lots of ways to ensure you do what you can. However, it’s not always straightforward.

We want to know how our food service members have managed to design-out food waste and share details from those who have succeeded, and the support our community can offer. We want to make sure our resources address the right concerns across all business types.

We’d love to have you there to share your knowledge, participate with your fellow members and to help shape the next few years of SRA membership. 

We look forward to seeing you there for a coffee and a croissant!

Date 26th February 2019
Starts 09:00
Ends 11:00
Venue Ozone Coffee Roasters
Tickets SRA Member - Single - free