How we promote our members’ sustainability efforts to drive footfall and loyalty

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We want to help you be successful on the increasingly competitive and capricious high street. When you make a change and takes a step towards a better food system, you should to quickly see the return through new or more loyal customers.

However, keeping our member prices as low as possible means we don’t generate a tonne of cash to spend on running national diner facing advertising campaigns on your behalf.

We have built a movement, and a community, and campaigns, and put stickers in windows for 10 years, but we are so bombarded with information in our lives that we can’t help noticing we’re not the only people vying for attention

We’ve been reflecting on how to best use this busy mess of aggregators and middle men to your advantage, and we would like your opinion on our plans for making you more famous for your efforts, and making the most sustainable restaurants the most successful:

We need one planet plates from every member (that should be a recipe on your menu currently). We will promote these in guidebooks, recipes guides and tie ins with publishers on and offline
We will share your star rating, address and list of achievements from the Food Made Good 50 with other parties that can grow our audience and connect with diners
We are changing our Terms and Conditions to make this data share an opt out, meaning we won’t seek separate permission for each new partner to work with on your behalf
Data partners would include but not be limited to:
Restaurant booking platforms
Review platforms
Delivery platforms


A note on what we share:

We will only share recipes, public star ratings and “done” actions from the Food Made Good 50. We will not share data gathered from your rating unless you opt in to a separate open data agreement.

Current Partners