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This is about giving you, the Great British Diner, the power to put your passion for good food into action.
You love food. And you really give a fork about where it comes from, making sure to always buy free-range eggs and Fairtrade coffee. You also never think twice now about recycling your food waste. But when it comes to eating out, what happens to your principles? Let’s face it, you’re going out to have fun, not start quizzing the staff to find out if they share your values.

So, either you check in your principles with your coat at the cloakroom, or hold your breath and hope for the best.

Frankly, we don’t believe you and the vast majority of diners for whom these things really matter should have to put up with this any longer. For the last five years we’ve been working to ensure that diners across the UK, however deep their pockets can enjoy their meal out and leave with a good taste in the mouth. Food has a story and it’s only right that you should want to hear it.

So, we are thrilled to announce a new sustainable food movement – Food Made Good, to meet the ever increasing appetite for more information about all the elements that go towards making food genuinely good. Food Made Good is designed to inspire, inform and campaign on all the issues that really matter to you. As well as providing the indispensable and unrivalled Diners’ Guide to good places to eat out, Food Made Good will also campaign on key issues and provide you with a platform to engage in a conversation with chefs and restaurants about the issues that matter to you.


If you’ve ever feared that you may be part of a niche movement, then think again. Just take a quick look at the overwhelming results of a study that the diners’ guide Harden’s carried out for us this summer. Three quarters of the more than 1,000 people surveyed said they value sustainability over price and would prefer to eat at a sustainable restaurant rather than receive a 10% discount on the bill. And the survey also revealed that more than 90% would be more likely to choose a restaurant that told them about the provenance of their food, their impact on society and on the environment.

So we’ll be working with our growing list of members, in restaurants, pubs, hotels, office, university and school canteens to provide you with the information and inspiration we know you crave. In addition to the campaigns and information on key issues, Food Made Good will also take you inside the kitchens of many of your favourite sustainable venues. Our fabulous new website, live from 18 September, will provide you with the latest details on openings, offers and events as well as dish up delicious recipes. And if you want to keep right up to the minute you can follow us both Twitter and Instagram.